Release notes


If you store your files in AWS US East (N. Virginia) and/or GCP US West (Oregon) regions, the CGC now allows you to manage all your work from a single space and spin up chosen computation resources at the location where your data lives. By letting you choose your project location, Seven Bridges provides an environment for much easier control of costs caused by potential data transfers between different regions. This way you can optimize your workload for a specific use case, and Seven Bridges will continue to provide full transparency over data transfer costs charged by cloud infrastructure providers. Read more.

New CWL web editor is now live

We have released an updated version of our CWL web editor. This release integrates the functionality of our desktop editor, Rabix Composer, with the CGC.

What’s new:

  • Ability to edit both CWL sbg:draft-2 and v1.0 apps and select the CWL version before creating an app.

  • Streamlined tool editor with all parameter sections available in a single continuous page. It’s now easier to have an overview of the way the tool was built.

  • Optimized design of the workflow editor to facilitate working with large and complex workflows. When selecting a node, you’ll be able to see what its direct connections are.

  • CWL Code editor in addition to the Visual Editor. For people who feel comfortable with writing raw JSON, we have enabled the code editor. All changes that you make in the code editor will be reflected in the visual editor and vice versa.

  • Better documentation. We have expanded the documentation with our best practices for more advanced users.

If you have been using the CGC for a while, don’t worry, the legacy editor will be available in case you don’t feel comfortable with making this transition right now. Note that the legacy editor can only be used to edit sbg:draft-2 CWL apps.