Add your private data


You can securely bring your private data to the CGC to analyze it along with TCGA data. The CGC takes the security of your genomic data seriously. As one of three NIH trusted partners who host and distribute TCGA data, we have taken every necessary precaution to guarantee the security of genomic data on the cloud.

You can upload your data to the CGC in the following ways, designed to meet a range of different needs: 

The standalone upload client

The CGC Uploader quickly and securely streams data from a personal computer or hard drive to the CGC. 

FTP or HTTP import function

The CGC's FTP/HTTP import function facilitates background uploading of files from a public or private FTP or HTTP server. The upload does not depend on your local network speed, allowing you to get on with your work while the files are added to your project. The FTP/HTTP tool is optimal for situations in which you have access to a dataset that is hosted remotely. 

Command Line Uploader

Large datasets hosted on institutional clusters and workstations can be uploaded to the CGC using the CGC Command Line Uploader. This is a fast and secure upload client that has been optimized to efficiently upload files to the CGC, taking advantage of parallelization where possible.


The CGC API can be used to securely and reliably upload large files to the CGC, using multi-part upload to speed the transfer. The API enables you to incorporate the upload procedure with other programs or laboratory information management systems, and to automate uploads.


Once you connect your cloud storage with the CGC, you can upload files from that volume to your projects.