Release notes


As part of Seven Bridges' ongoing partnership with the National Cancer Institute (NCI), authorized researchers can access valuable public datasets generated by the TCGA, TARGET, and CCLE initiatives through the CGC. Seven Bridges collaborates with the NCI Genomic Data Commons (GDC) on an ongoing basis to ensure alignment between the datasets available through the GDC and the CGC. In keeping with this, updated versions of the TCGA, TARGET, and CCLE datasets have been released on the CGC. As of February 11, the legacy TCGA and CCLE datasets available through the CGC are fully aligned with those in the GDC Legacy Archive, and the TCGA GRCh38 and TARGET GRCh38 datasets are fully aligned with GDC Data Release 14.0.

As a result of these dataset improvements, some files have been obsoleted. Users who have previously copied one or more of these obsolete files to their projects will no longer be able to access these files. Seven Bridges has contacted the owners of all potentially affected projects to inform them of these changes. If you have not been contacted by Seven Bridges about these obsolete files, or by the owner of projects on which you collaborate, you will experience no change in access to all TCGA, TARGET, and CCLE files.

More information on the contents of the GDC Data Release 14.0 can be found here.