Release notes


The CGC is committed to providing its users with the most up-to-date version of the TCGA GRCh38 dataset that is available from the NCI Genomic Data Commons (GDC). In keeping with this commitment, the CGC transitioned from hosting version 5.0 of this dataset to version 7.0 on August 17, 2017. (See the GDC Release Notes for details of the changes). As of this date, all files accessible via the Data Browser, the API, and SPARQL queries correspond to Data Release 7.0. Files that were added to projects before this date correspond to Data Release 5.0 and will continue to be accessible via those projects.


We've implemented a system to help you generate queries with a meaningful sample size of data. For instance, if you add more than three entities (e.g. Case, Sample, File) without applying any filters, the Data Browser prompts you to add one or more properties with specific values to narrow your query before continuing, as shown below.


The Data Browser similarly prompts you to add filters if you create a query that has symmetrical branches without any filters applied, as shown below.


Learn more about adding filters to your query.


The table below the Data Browser contains further details about your query. In addition to the List view and Analyticsview, we've introduced a Details view.

The Details view displays details about a selected entity in the context of your query and consists of three panels. The first panel details the inbound and outbound connections for the selected entity in the context of your query. The second panel displays a list of UUIDs corresponding to that entity that match your query. If a specific UUID within the second panel is selected, the third panel displays the metadata corresponding to it.

This new Details view enables you to explore the connections and relations between entities in your query more easily and thus ensure that your query is identifying the data you need to meet your research goals.


Learn more about the Details view.