Bring your favorite data science and visualization tools to analyze cancer genomics data on the cloud

Unite your workflow execution with downloadable results & the ability to analyze on a local machine through the Seven Bridges Platform & Cruncher

Learn more about Cruncher in our 5-minute video.

  • Be one of the first to explore Cruncher -- an interactive analysis tool on the Seven Bridges Platform for exploring and examining data using Jupyter notebooks

  • Complements our other tools for data exploration including the Genome Browser and Benchmark Variant Calls

  • Use Python, R, Julia, and your favorite libraries and tools to analyze cancer genomic data (TCGA, CCLE, and your own) on the cloud

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Enable reproducible data analysis, and easily share bioinformatics workflows

Use the Rabix Composer to create portable workflow descriptions in the Common Workflow Language (CWL), which allow others to easily reproduce your data analysis locally on a laptop, HPC, or on multiple cloud environments such as the Seven Bridges Cancer Genomics Cloud.

  • Be one of the first to use The Rabix Composer -- an integrated development environment that enables description of tools using CWL, a standard specification developed by the bioinformatics community

  • Complements The Rabix Executor, an open-source tool that executes workflow descriptions on any Unix-based computational environment, in addition to the Seven Bridges Platform and the Cancer Genomics Cloud.

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